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Need to determine your ring size use our Int’l ring size conversion chart table in MM or Inches for different countries.

Inside Diameter MM-InchesUSAEuropeAsia
15.3 mm-0.60 inc4.5488
15.6 mm-0.62 inc549.39
16.2 mm-0.63 inc5.550.610
16.6 mm-0.65 inc651.911
16.9 mm-0.67 inc6.553.113
17.2 mm-0.68 inc754.414
17.8 mm-0.70 inc7.555.715
18.1 mm-0.71 inc85716
18.5 mm-0.73 inc8.558.317
19.1 mm-0.75 inc959.518

Tip: When measuring your finger, your measurements need to be a 100% accurate as even a fraction of a millimeter can make a difference.

  • Total Diamond Weight: 0.39 Carat

  • Center Stone: 1.00 carat kite cut amethyst

  • Diamond Clarity: SI

  • Diamond Color: F

  • 14K Solid Gold

  • Rose Gold | White Gold | Yellow Gold

  • You can choose the gold color of the rings.

  • Orders typically ship within 5-6 business days, excluding weekends + holidays.

  • All orders are sent in the elegant gift box.

  • The kite-cut amethyst and marquise diamond duo set ring exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a perfect choice as both a wedding ring and an engagement band. This exquisite ring set combines the beauty of kite-cut amethyst stones with the timeless allure of marquise diamonds, creating a stunning ensemble that symbolizes everlasting love and commitment. The unique design of the kite-cut amethyst stones adds a modern twist to the traditional wedding band, while the brilliance of the marquise diamonds adds a touch of glamour and luxury. Together, these two elements form a harmonious pair that beautifully represents the union of two souls in matrimony. As a symbol of unity and partnership, the kite-cut amethyst and marquise diamond duo set ring embodies the essence of a lifelong commitment. Whether exchanged as wedding rings or engagement bands, this set serves as a reminder of the deep bond shared between two individuals.

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