Opal stones accompany the most beautiful designs by using oval cut, drop cut or round cuts. Sometimes in a modern design, sometimes in a vintage design. It turns into a magnificent jewel with the sparkle of the diamond! Our opal ring designs are waiting for you with a rich variety... As the birthstone of October, it is a stone that symbolizes hope and happiness. The hardness is 5.5-6.5. The water content of opal is not constant. The water content of opal is about 3-20%. The higher the water content, the more pronounced the color play phenomenon. In ancient times, the status of opal was second only to emerald. During Dynasties and Kingdoms, people loved opal and considered it a palace treasure. As a gemstone, opal is very popular in Europe and Asia. In ancient Rome, this gemstone was once seen as a symbol of power. It helps to display personal charm and attitude and enriches creativity.

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