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Need to determine your ring size use our Int’l ring size conversion chart table in MM or Inches for different countries.

Inside Diameter MM-InchesUSAEuropeAsia
15.3 mm-0.60 inc4.5488
15.6 mm-0.62 inc549.39
16.2 mm-0.63 inc5.550.610
16.6 mm-0.65 inc651.911
16.9 mm-0.67 inc6.553.113
17.2 mm-0.68 inc754.414
17.8 mm-0.70 inc7.555.715
18.1 mm-0.71 inc85716
18.5 mm-0.73 inc8.558.317
19.1 mm-0.75 inc959.518

Tip: When measuring your finger, your measurements need to be a 100% accurate as even a fraction of a millimeter can make a difference.

  • Total Diamond Weigth: 0.26 Carat

  • Center Stone: 1.00 Carat Drop Cut Amethyst

  • Diamond Clarity: SI

  • Diamond Color: F

  • 14K Solid Gold

  • Yellow Gold | Rose Gold | White Gold

  • You can choose the gold color of the rings.

  • Orders typically ship within 5-6 business days, excluding weekends + holidays.

  • All orders are sent in the elegant gift box.

  • This exquisite wedding ring set combines elegance and luxury. The perfect harmony between the droplet-cut amethyst stone and marquise diamonds makes this ring unique. Designed as a wedding ring set, this ring symbolizes a lifelong commitment with your loved one. The intricately crafted gold structure accentuates the brilliance and color of the stones perfectly. This special ring set not only offers an emotional and meaningful gift for your loved one but also highlights your style and elegance. The mystical purple tones of the amethyst and the sparkle of the diamonds add depth and enchantment to the ring, while the elegant structure of the wedding ring set completes this special piece. Representing a lifelong commitment with your loved one, this ring set emerges as an emotional and meaningful gift option. Meticulously crafted in every detail, this ring set will be the perfect choice to steal your loved one's heart.

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